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40000 book downloads, kinda

A while ago, a major torrent site for P2P downloads went legal. Removed all infringing content and only hosts, currently, user-created, original, and usually independent work. That is Mininova.org. They went from being one of the most trafficked sites in … Continue reading

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Discovering original thoughts aren’t original

Nicole Humphrey wonders how many plots exist. I agree that it’s dependent on various circumstances, but it seems strange to think that there is a limited number. It may be the case that there is only a limited number of … Continue reading

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James Ashman, Author

First post, to be buried quickly. But just to give it some gusto, some information for those who start at the beginning. I know I do it too. James Ashman, Self-Published author. By choice. I have never pitched an agent … Continue reading

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