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First post, to be buried quickly. But just to give it some gusto, some information for those who start at the beginning. I know I do it too.

James Ashman, Self-Published author. By choice. I have never pitched an agent or submitted a query of any kind. I have not been rejected or accepted anywhere. I can explain why another time. No established genre yet. But most of my ideas will be either be Science Fiction or Fantasy, sometimes a mix of both. I have too many links to where I am everywhere, so there will probably be something more complete in the future linking it all together. Eventually an About Me section should arise and cover more.

I have also written two books so far, the first was started in 2008 and published in 2009. The second is in-process. This first one is the first in a Fantasy series/saga that will cover a good amount of time. It starts at the main character’s young age of seven. The second book in that series jumps to age fourteen rather quickly, by the way. So this series is starting very much in the Young Adult fantasy genre, and may continue in it for a while.

The second completed novel is a National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) project written only in the month of November. Editing, on the other hand, has taken about five times that. More on that another time. When it’s ready, it’ll first be at Createspace, and should move into Amazon and Kindle rather quickly. As well as at Smashwords, where it was first uploaded (still in process, that copy is far outdated as of this writing). It’s more of an example of what I can do, rather than a real concept I have in mind. It’s a Space Opera, and modeled after what I could remember of the anime version of Legend of the Galactic Heros. It’s a little sci-fi, but it focuses on the characters, not the technology, which ends up only barely mentioned anyways. Drama in space! It has a ridiculous title, inspired by the games and utterances of a five-year-old.

In the future, there will be more books to follow in the “Together with Silver” series, and various other projects. There is an older project that I’ll be working on in the future. It’s a book I started in 2007 that is subject to change. It will be somewhat cyberpunk, somewhat inspired by what I’ve read of in the genre. It takes place in a future U.S.A. where the government has lost much of its power and corporations are the real authorities. The main character is female, B Erins, and works for a background screening agency. In real life, my current day job is background screening for employment, so the basic inspiration is obvious, but that’s as far as the real-life influence goes. B Erins, along with most of her corporate peers, has an integrated computer in her head and a semi-artificial intelligence that resides with her. One day she arrives at work, and no one remembers her. And thus she tries to find out why. That’s the basic start, for a basic first post.

I also am planning on a table-tennis themed high school novel. It’ll be a tournament-type, action filled, and… epic. A tournament-type, in my view, is usually a show or manga where the focus is on a main character and their progression through ranks of rivals, whether those are other people or other schools. It’s only an idea right now, but I cannot wait for the day it sees paper.

And of course, there is more. But this is who I am, what I’m doing, and an expectation of what’s to come. First and foremost, this should be about writing. And then whatever else, which there should be plenty of.

711 words I could have used to write a novel.

(Different counts by Word, G-Docs, WordPress, so I’ll just use WordPress’ counts. All words as counted by them before posting.)

About James Ashman

I write books of the fantasy, heroic, and adventure types. So far. I'm an author who loves fantastic stories.
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  1. spinhead says:

    ” I have not been rejected or accepted anywhere.”

    For some reason I find that comment highly amusing. And the last two paragraphs as well.

    My final amusement: that you chose exactly the same theme as Brett did for his blog: http://bwcanfield.wordpress.com/

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