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Ruminations and reflection on what I’ve done in 2020

It has been a year since I started posting my book as a weekly post on this site. And it still has a few months to go before it is complete. In fact, March 20th is the day the next … Continue reading

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Year of the Animation come to Life

Last year serial do-good-former-criminals was the go-to show. This year it appears that comic book heroes are having yet another hurrah. Let’s start with the most obvious: right now The CW is putting out a couple DC-related shows, The Flash … Continue reading

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Rating Systems

I find rating systems for games are becoming rather pointless. In its quest to transform from an intelligent and interesting online news/opinion site about games/tech/science to a rather annoying, baiting, and biased site, Ars Technica has spent another wasted amount … Continue reading

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Twelve Twelve Twelve

Twelve, yesterday, was the last day of this century that’d have a day/month/year lineup. It was a great day for releasing books, just like 11/11/11 was last year when Joel D Canfield had a book party. And yesterday “Yo Pal” … Continue reading

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Snow shoveling is cold

I love the weather here. It’s cold, clouds come and go, the snow makes it seem bright which is good for mom, and there’s snow. In summer it was warm and humid, which was a pain, but bearable, even though … Continue reading

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