The Lupine Chevalier

Ruby can't wait for TLC this year

Book two: The Lupine Chevalier.

Start reading from scene 63 here.

The final scene of The Lupine Chevalier is 141, here.

Description: The life and adventure of Va’il, an optimistic half-human boy, continues. The adults in his life have started to reveal their secrets, and Va’il struggles with their implications at first. But then life moves onwards, and their lives continue without issue for a while. Soon the main characters enter their teenage years.

Ruby Melonscone takes steps to become friends with Va’il and his group, which leads to more experiences and adventures. But there is plotting in the darkness, and soon it catches up with her, and now her friends.

And so Va’il takes on the role of a protector to Ruby, a Chevalier in her mind, though she is more than adept at handling matters herself.

An adventure across the land, no longer limited to just the local city and country of Rising or it’s immediate neighbors! Trust and betrayal, life and death, and a struggle to return home, all while wondering why these events happened, are all present in this second installment of The Lupine Saga.