The first book I wrote is the first part in an epic fantasy saga. It starts with the journey of a young boy of certain heritage… Together with Silver: The Lupine Prince.

The second book I wrote is a novella, a pseudo-space opera written in the span of a single month for National Novel Writing Month. It’s a quick write, and it let me get the desire to write any kind of space opera out of my system. It’s about Alquin’s rise in the empire while they are at war with the coalition. And even though he makes plan after plan… Dangerous Rainbows.

The third book I’ve written is the sequel to The Lupine Prince. The Lupine Chevalier picks up where we left Va’il previously, and then moves on with the story. It takes on a much different tone and style compared to the original. Thus hints of grandiose plans and designs, a crime, an adventure, and new revelations all appear in this installment. The series and its characters mature in this episode, and a whole new host of questions appear. As for answers… The Lupine Chevalier can be read on this website, starting at The Lupine Saga installment #63.

Please feel free to contact me about any work, or anything else.