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A while ago, a major torrent site for P2P downloads went legal. Removed all infringing content and only hosts, currently, user-created, original, and usually independent work. That is Mininova.org. They went from being one of the most trafficked sites in all the world… to less trafficked. But since all the stuff they host, now, is indie creations, I took a few chapters of The Lupine Prince, PDF’d them, and put them up for download on Mininova. I did 3, spaced a few weeks apart, back in Oct and Nov 2009. And now, well, the screenshot below…

… isn’t something I’m going to fix properly. It’s a screenie… so I’ll write what’s most important about it: “Your torrents have been downloaded 39,830 times in total.” That’s impressive, but what does it mean? Assuming that, since there are three chapters, 1 person made three downloads, then at most, 10,000 people read the first three chapters of my book. And what does that translate to, into sales? Zero, but that’s not important. What is important, is that probably 10k people read it, and it’s possible many, many more downloaded at least one chapter. Why is that important if it’s still zero conversion into actual sales of the physical book? Because what if I was giving away my entire book for free? Several artists and authors do that with different works. I’ll be doing that with other works as well, probably.

This isn’t really something I’m able to analyze and make a point of; I just wanted to say: That’s cool. That’s distribution, with no marketing, no work, no bandwidth, and a possible reward. There’s something rather fulfilling about it, and gives me several ideas for the future. Giving something away, for free, means it will end up in many more hands than if it cost something. Even $0.01 is entirely different from free. I need to write more. Much, much more. And then, do something!

Welcome to Monday. It’s one of those days.

331 words I could have used in a novel.

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