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Word docs

Got into a little discussion on Twitter, when someone stated that the stigma of self-publishing is enforced “when the book cover and design looks like it was done in MS Word.” I don’t design covers in word. But I do … Continue reading

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Comment on the intelligence of publishers

First, this is a comment to this post on the self-pub review. Go read it first. Generally, it’s about how contracts with publishers are now written to last as long as an author is selling, a version of indentured servitude … Continue reading

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Translated Japanese works and their success

Over on ANN there is an article about how major publishers, both in the US and Japan, are, from the article “forming a coalition to combat the “rampant and growing problem” of scanlations — illicit digital copies of manga either … Continue reading

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Why ebooks are licensed, not owned

I was following the #JAKonrath hashtag yesterday in his discussion on piracy and free books. And someone brought up a good point, one that many consumers know and have put them off from buying an e-reader like the Kindle. It … Continue reading

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Opening of The Lupine Prince

An excerpt for today, from the final version (appears in the Kindle version), and of course the print is where it has always been, but still only a six word difference: “Wake up!” Va’il woke to the sharp pain of … Continue reading

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