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Word docs

Got into a little discussion on Twitter, when someone stated that the stigma of self-publishing is enforced “when the book cover and design looks like it was done in MS Word.” I don’t design covers in word. But I do … Continue reading

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Comment on the intelligence of publishers

First, this is a comment to this post on the self-pub review. Go read it first. Generally, it’s about how contracts with publishers are now written to last as long as an author is selling, a version of indentured servitude … Continue reading

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Translated Japanese works and their success

Over on ANN there is an article about how major publishers, both in the US and Japan, are, from the article “forming a coalition to combat the “rampant and growing problem” of scanlations — illicit digital copies of manga either … Continue reading

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Why ebooks are licensed, not owned

I was following the #JAKonrath hashtag yesterday in his discussion on piracy and free books. And someone brought up a good point, one that many consumers know and have put them off from buying an e-reader like the Kindle. It … Continue reading

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Opening of The Lupine Prince

An excerpt for today: “Wake up!” Va’il woke to the sharp pain of his mother’s fangs sinking into his bushy tail. The conversation they just had never registered in the half-asleep child’s mind, and so he had no conscious recollection … Continue reading

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