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Free ebooks with physical book

I saw a post on the Kindle forums asking “Will Amazon offer free to Kindle users, the hardcovers they have purchased?” and the obvious answer is no, since it’s not Amazon’s decision. Books you buy are not just the words … Continue reading

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40000 book downloads, kinda

A while ago, a major torrent site for P2P downloads went legal. Removed all infringing content and only hosts, currently, user-created, original, and usually independent work. That is Mininova.org. They went from being one of the most trafficked sites in … Continue reading

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Dangerous Rainbows

This book is complete. The editing, the design, the more editing. I spent an entire day doing a final read. It had a few errors, but all were easily fixed, and I can be rather confident that there aren’t many … Continue reading

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There is no war

I keep hearing about ebook wars. Or kindle versus iPad wars, specifically. Why can’t we all just work together? Kindle is. Kindle is no longer a physical device. It’s a platform. It’s Amazon’s gateway to ebooks. Much like iTunes is … Continue reading

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