There is no war

I keep hearing about ebook wars. Or kindle versus iPad wars, specifically. Why can’t we all just work together? Kindle is.

Kindle is no longer a physical device. It’s a platform. It’s Amazon’s gateway to ebooks. Much like iTunes is a gateway to music, or the App store to… apps.

Read this. Amazon created the problem of a proprietry reading device. Apple has done exactly the same thing, a propriety computer. Amazon has stuck with one point: selling books. The kindle was just a way of getting more people to read, more people to buy books. Sure, the hardware is nice, but after manufacturing costs, it really isn’t as good as getting someone to buy a massive amount of books. The device helped them buy more. Apple gets a similar benefit, but they came to that benefit in a separate way. They created a device first, and then got people to buy apps. Both methods work, as long as your creating an addition to an already-existing and desired product.

But then Amazon did something smart. They created apps. They created apps for multiple appliances. And they created a program for PCs. And they created a program for Macs. They are everywhere. If you want to read an ebook on any device, you can, unless you purchased a non-amazon compatible reader that was created in opposition to the Kindle’s proprietary format. Yes, the Sony reader is nice. But how many places can you read the books you buy on it? And how many places can you buy the books in Apple’s ibooks? And how many places can you read the books you bought on Amazon. Only the latter is everywhere.

There isn’t a war. Because the minute everyone wanted to war, Amazon infiltrated. That was smart. Love them or hate them. they’ve done the most “open” thing by being able to be read everywhere.

Aren’t PDFs Adobe’s creation? Isn’t that format the most popular, widespread, easiest to create (pdfcreator is amazing, I use it daily at work, no joke), and useful formats around? It sure beats .txt, even though that can work everywhere.

There is no war. It’s all marketing. Yes, I wish everything I bought on Amazon worked everywhere, even on a separate ereader. But it looks like anything other than that will support it. That’s great. Even if it is propriety. Bravo.

402 words I could have used to write a novel.

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