Opening of The Lupine Prince

An excerpt for today:

“Wake up!” Va’il woke to the sharp pain of his mother’s fangs sinking into his bushy tail. The conversation they just had never registered in the half-asleep child’s mind, and so he had no conscious recollection of refusing to wake up.

“Ow! Why did you do that? Can’t you wake me normally?”

“Then you shouldn’t refuse to get up. Now that you’re fully awake, get ready for school. The teacher will throw a fit if you’re late today.” With that, Mai’ou walked out of the room. Her long, thin tail trailed behind her.

Standing on the messy bed in a small room was a boy of seven years old. He was half-lupus, half-human. He had a very long and extremely bushy tail. His hands had nails with retractable claws. His furry ears were those of a wolf. He had a few fangs, but none of them showed when he closed his mouth. His eyes were completely human in appearance, but silver in color. His hair was silver, as was the hair that covered his tail. His skin was very white, yet it was not pale. Being a young child, he was always running in the sun, so he was never as pale as he could have been, nor was he ever as tan as other children. But all these traits largely went unnoticed by the young child whose mind was filled with thoughts of fun and play. Right now, they were concerned with the scolding Va’il had just received, and the throbbing pain in his tail. Mai’ou was a lupus, and she was quite proud of the power of her bite, or so it seemed to Va’il. He picked at the fur on his tail, to see if his skin had been broken. It wasn’t; the area was only bruised.

315 words from a novel I have written, and extra couple lines.

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