Amazon, are email addresses profane?

I finally got around to updating my Amazon profile. It is currently:

I’m a writer. A friend. A novelist and a lover of novels. A realist and a romantic. A lover of eccentrics. Decent in ideals, crazy in practice. I love humanity, but detest the individuals who ruin the experience. I am a writer; I want to write things you will enjoy. They may not be deep. They will not be your favorite. But I want to write something like this: you come home from work, angry and frustrated, and pick up my book. You engross yourself in it, laugh with it, cry with it. You forget about your worries for the time being. And then the day ends, and you look forward to your next stretch of free time. Enjoy, that’s all I want you to do. Thanks.

All these words were accepted. However, I previously had, at the very end: “Email me at”

And it wouldn’t accept my profile entry due to profanity. I googled online to see if others were having this. The only thing I noticed was a blog who asked the same question, and had their website in the profile description. It was marked as profanity.

Please. If you don’t want websites or emails in that section, say it. I don’t mind! Really, I understand why! But it is confusing when you label it profanity.

I was also just told by a friend they’ve done that for a while. That’s too bad.

I wanted to use the other email: – for my profile email, since my Amazon, personal account email, isn’t something I want public. I can change it, but I want to use different email addresses for different things. Ah well, I’ll deal with it. It’s really fine, and a non-important rant. It would just be nice if everything could be a little clearer. This is really unimportant overall, since I do like Amazon.

326 words better spent on a novel.

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I write books of the fantasy, heroic, and adventure types. So far. I'm an author who loves fantastic stories.
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