Writing mode and immediate plans

I’m back in pure writing mode. I wrote around 5k words today, on a holiday. 2k were ideas from a notebook typed and redone on the computer. The other 3k were original. And it’s a great feeling.

I’m working on the sequel to The Lupine Prince. Right now it is at 43k words. If I can really commit to it, then it should be done in 2 months. Maybe a little more or less. I should mention that this book was put on hold. I published The Lupine Prince in Oct. 2009, but during the last couple months of the editing I had started this book, and by 10/30/2009 I was up to about 30k words. From November to December was Dangerous Rainbows, and then I spent the next few months dealing with work and doing some editing for DR on the side.

Well that’s over. Tomorrow is June first, so I’m going to really devote the next couple months to getting it written. Also, I’ve started writing out the next ideas for Identity: 2064, so hopefully that will be done around March of 2011. Why March? NaNoWriMo. I doubt that I can finish the next Together with Silver book, including all the editing, with enough time to spare before November to write the rest of ID64. I will write another novella in November, about what I don’t know. I may edit it and publish it before returning to ID64. I may put it on hold. Unlikely, since I prefer to avoid having projects to both edit and write at the same time. My first was a bit of an exception, since I didn’t do editing for a week at a time while waiting for createspace to send proof copies.

I have also been reading a lot more. The Kindle helps out with that. I read 20k words today, and reading inspires me to write. Look forward to the future. I want to write 3 50k – 90k novels / novellas per year. It’ll take time, but I see now how to get there. And how necessary it is for my growth as a writer, and as someone who wants to make a living using words.

Some self-pubbers wonder if the influx of DIY books will mean everyone has a book, and everyone makes $2 since everyone’s book gets sold. That’s not a living. But the attitude is important: I’m not just here to write. I’m here to make a living, doing what I love, which is writing.

There is nothing wrong doing something you like for work. There is nothing wrong with making money for doing something you like. You do not need to work for someone else if you can grasp happiness and self-sufficiency doing what you love. It does mean you might not actually be able to accomplish it. But all business has risks. All businesses require effort. None simply “work” out of the box. And writing is a business, much like any other.

495 words I could have used in a novel.

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