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Long weekends equal much reading

I think I’ve finished reading and watching and playing four different long-term shows, books, and or video games this weekend. Our company gave us the fifth off due to the fourth of July. And though nothing really got “done,” plenty … Continue reading

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I use normal copyright, even though it could probably use reform.

Yes, I do only use a standard copyright, and not a creative commons license. I do endorse the free distribution of certain works, like Dangerous Rainbows, however that doesn’t mean I’m going to give up the power of a standard … Continue reading

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What happened to quality?

It seems like more and more things are being done without quality. See the gulf. See the iPhone4 antenna (a notable exception to an otherwise great record). See every major production corporation that’s more interested in getting out units than … Continue reading

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Communication is a powerful thing

Whether it’s children, friends, readers, spouses, communication is a fundamental part of human interaction. In an era where self-publishing is rising, the internet is ubiquitous, and the social world is being stitched together, there is more interaction among people off … Continue reading

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Friction in Fiction

There is a post on Ars Technica about the nature of friction. I found it interesting, but it raised some good questions. What exactly would it take to move two surfaces against each other without friction being created? And I’m … Continue reading

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