Friction in Fiction

There is a post on Ars Technica about the nature of friction. I found it interesting, but it raised some good questions. What exactly would it take to move two surfaces against each other without friction being created?

And I’m not going to ponder it. Look, Together with Silver is fantasy, mostly, though there are no fantasy-only elements. No magic or other unexplainable stuff. On the surface it’s fantasy, but my personal explanations for each thing in all the books is pure sci-fi. It’s an interesting twist, but one I take pride in. However, that does mean some things have to be taken at face value.

Slipstone is a material in my books that is frictionless when in contact with other pieces of slipstone. End of story. The only real caveats to it are that slipstone can be manipulated by heating, melted, etc., and that it is not frictionless when in a solid form with itself. A rock of pure slipstone is still a solid object. Once it’s split, then each piece will slip off each other. Of course, it’s impossible under our current understandings to explain how it works. It’s possible, based on the Ars article, that frictionless objects might not even be possible. But sci-fi and fantasy have always had an intermingling. Rayguns, traveling through wormholes, weird aliens, etc.

So my friction is fiction. But it makes for a great story.

240 words I could have used in a novel.

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