Second book will be different

I was just thinking of this.

The first book, The Lupine Prince was about Va’il, almost entirely, from my point of view. Yes, there were jumps here and there, and the great scenes with Aoi, but it was about Va’il. The second book is much more about everyone else. I am doing it on purpose, but I’ve wondered if my readers, if I actually have or get any, might feel the second book is too different from the first. It’s unfortunate, but that is a very valid fear. It may happen in a few years if the book somehow catches on. People will read the first, and then be startled by the difference in the second.

I’m not a standard writer. I wasn’t writing The Lupine Prince with a formula in mind. I have a full story in mind, and a retelling of a story that already happened to rehash. From my point of view, Va’il’s story has already happened, I just need to write it down. That means that there isn’t a formula, only a story. The second book isn’t following a formula. It’s what happens. Just a warning. And even, something to look forward to. For some will love that. Fans will love it. Readers might care a bit less. But let me make that clear: Readers and Fans are separate groups. Fans are worthwhile. In the past weeks, I’ve become a fan of other self-published authors. Not of their works, but of them. They write works I don’t care about since they aren’t my genre or something I like. But I’m still their fan. I’ll talk about those people to others, and if someone else might like their works, I will tell them about those authors. I won’t read those authors, but I’ll recommend them since I’m a fan. And, for the thinking person, you will realize there is no hypocrisy in that.

323 words I could have used in a novel.

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