Long weekends equal much reading

I think I’ve finished reading and watching and playing four different long-term shows, books, and or video games this weekend. Our company gave us the fifth off due to the fourth of July.

And though nothing really got “done,” plenty of things were finished. I love these extra-day weekends because they feel different, and take the edge off the weekends that always seem so busy. That’s right, I’m normally filled up on weekends, a huge difference from most people having them off entirely. Though Saturday is still the most open day, it too has a few things that always need to be done.

And thus comes the wonder of the extra Monday off! A great time to sit and do nothing. A time to work, but not hard because you’re just going to go back to work tomorrow. A day you could spend writing, but don’t. Instead, I’ve finished a few shows and books I’ve been reading for a while, and now instead of watching or reading those after work, I can devote some afternoons to my novels!

In truth, I’ve been taking a week or two break from the last cut-off point in my novel. It’s finished one arc, and about to start another, so to speak, thus the ideas have been stirring around. I now have a much more vivid picture of what I’m going to do. I find it interesting that even though some scenes are mostly the same ideas as they were several months ago during the last bout of brainstorming, some new things have popped up. Some that set up the next novel. Bits of dialog that will add flavor. And many things that were thought of in the midst of a tired mind trying to fall asleep at midnight that were never written down and may never be remembered, but will still have an incredible impact on how the story does end up playing out.

It was a good break. Now to get back to work.

339 words I could have used in a novel.

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