Communication is a powerful thing

Whether it’s children, friends, readers, spouses, communication is a fundamental part of human interaction. In an era where self-publishing is rising, the internet is ubiquitous, and the social world is being stitched together, there is more interaction among people off all kinds.

That’s pretty powerful stuff.

It is important for an author because an author sells themselves. They are their own brand (even though some people abuse that word, a brand is just another word for identity), and thus when someone buys and subsequently enjoys their work, they may fans of that person.

So with that thought, and knowing todays interconnected world, what about communication? It’s now personal. I have a blog post where an author found it and commented on it. That’s personal interaction with someone, a single individual, who has read their work. I found out that the top review on Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, is in fact written by the author himself! He personally talks about his book, and responds to certain items, and also explains a bit about his work. That’s another form of communication: addressing an audience in a completely different setting than usual.

It’s all quite amazing what’s happening. And as communication with everyone of every level becomes easier, it also becomes more important. Use it, and it’ll become even more important to a small author that can now hand-craft their own small audience.

239 words I could have used in a novel.

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