A small break.

Today I woke up. At the time I woke up. And then went back to sleep till it was the real time to wake up. It’s good to no longer have to wake up at a horrendously evil time, before 7 AM even, to get to work at 7. Yesterday was much more tiring than expected. I did get off my job early, but had to go deliver some computers to a guy who was taking them off my hands, get something from the store, deposit my final paycheck, etc. Ended up getting back home later than if I had worked! But now, a small break.

Which will probably not last that long. Already going through the first steps of the next thing I’ll do, which is to help out somedaybox, write again, marketing and promotions, finish getting my place ready to leave, etc.

So as part of that: Kindle formatting. I’ve written a couple books, I’ve got a Kindle, and Joel + Sue have written books and put them on Kindle, done the editing, etc. With the experience we’ve all got at it now, Spinhead, another portion of the business, will be offering a formatting service, to make sure any Kindle projects appear correctly for someone who’s self-publishing. Formatting was one of those things that once I figured out once for the first book, I saved templates and other stuff so the next books would work with it. It can definitely be a pain to get right. One of the things that I don’t look forward to as a writer, especially one that does everything, is the after-writing editing, formatting, and further refinements. It can take months to make sure it’s done correctly, once all your thoughts and ideas are on paper.

Dreaded, but it’s still pretty rewarding to do.

Speaking of which, I’ve even gotta go read my own books over again. Probably two or three times before I can start writing again, so I can get a feel for what my story is and return to it. A little daunting, but it’ll be fine. First though, make sure the small break is taken, though kept short.

About James Ashman

I write books of the fantasy, heroic, slice-of-life, and/or adventure types. So far. By choice, I self-publish my works. I'm an author who loves fantastic stories. I have a penchant for foreign works, and don't hesitate to learn about something new. I've grown up in the technology generation, watching that world change faster each year. Author-specific email: togetherwithsilver@gmail.com
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2 Responses to A small break.

  1. We’re glad to have you aboard! Big changes a comin’! It’s very exciting. I know your work ethic and diligence will be a great asset to our business. Look out all! We’re coming!

  2. I’m excited for you James! Can’t wait for the sequel to your first book you know…still waiting on that 😛 You’ll have more time for it now though maybe.

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