Poem anew, for a past life Va’il knew

A forgotten wound
Did scorn my haste
Laughter and tears
Remorse and hate

And the picture painted
So long uncovered
That life remembered
Might continue forever

And realization, odd
Through a new life told
Did strike the pond
That was her heart of gold

So covered it went
With a smile and tear
To be remembered
When only the next end drew near

– Va’il, several years after the events of the first Together with Silver trilogy.

Should it ever be completed on paper, rather than in mind, his own thoughts I’ll have to come up with. For the story goes on much longer than most. The first book may be a bit more childish than the rest. It can be sad to think, what’ll eventually have to be written. But as Va’il himself will know, certain things have to happen, and have to end. And there will be new beginnings with that.

Just the rambling of thoughts, as ideas are coming again. Remembering certain things, expanding plots here and there before I read and reread again and again. My head is much, much clearer than it was last week. Before there was usually this wall in my head, keeping any kind of real focus from coming about. But now it flows. Fingers and words, they run and think and arrive in mind, and even on paper. Spur of the moment, long and drawn out. Sentimental where needed, serious throughout. And yet there is more to come, so much I’ll need to do. The words keep singing, and it’s wonderful. I have a feeling next week will be pretty crazy, considering I’ll have no internet to rely on.

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  1. It is soooo good to see you writing again. Even without internet next week, I hope you’ll find time to write and save until you can post. Or go hang out at a Starbucks and post. You need to finish the story!

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