Desk and Bookshelf

Moving time, such a lovely time. The worst offenders that could make the upcoming lack of apartment have been dealt with, namely a 5ft long 3ft high desk and a 6ft by 3ft bookshelf. All the electronics I can probably sell or giveaway, or even send to a recycling center.

But huge pieces of wooden furniture were definitely gonna be a problem.

Fortunately, a guy from a thrift store came and took them away to be donated. Whee!!!

And I sold a guitar, got some cash outta that. And another guy is coming to get my violin today. Still not a word on my electronics though. Kinda feel bad about the guitar, but knowing I won’t have room to keep it made that decision easier. When your going from a full house to needing everything to fit in a compact car, everything needs to be seriously evaluated.

I still have a huge oak dresser that’ll need to go, though I’ll let that wait another week. Or call the same dude up again.

What fun.

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