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How I like entertainment

I’ve come to notice why I like games. Though this also applies to books and television. I’ve come to especially notice the styles and what I do and don’t like, and just how much they relate to my patience. I’ve … Continue reading

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So… any kids games?

Someone asked me what I’d like to do in life. There are a few things, but I’m the kind of person who’d be mostly content with doing nothing, playing some games, and other dull stuff. I have a mild affinity … Continue reading

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A proof is superior

One of Nero Wolfe’s statements is really quite profound. And it’s one I’ve heard for years, long before I heard of Mr. Wolfe. It was just in a different form. When a police official is talking with Wolfe about how … Continue reading

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People names

I’m always trying to think of unconventional names. I have a rather strong background in Japanese entertainment (that’s code for watching too many cartoons in the past), and so many of the names I use in my works are either … Continue reading

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Tethering and a Floor

Selling my bed today, ain’t that great! Nope, cause it means it’s gonna be really hard to get through the next 4 nights. The past night I slept on just a mattress, off the box spring, so floor/mattress, and it … Continue reading

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