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Rating Systems

I find rating systems for games are becoming rather pointless. In its quest to transform from an intelligent and interesting online news/opinion site about games/tech/science to a rather annoying, baiting, and biased site, Ars Technica has spent another wasted amount … Continue reading

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How I like entertainment

I’ve come to notice why I like games. Though this also applies to books and television. I’ve come to especially notice the styles and what I do and don’t like, and just how much they relate to my patience. I’ve … Continue reading

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Hot-Blooded is the best! Anime review: Inazuma Eleven

One hundred and twenty-seven episodes down. A show aimed at Jr. High boys, 13-15. And one of the best pieces of entertainment I’ve seen in a while, though I’ll have to explain why. Inazuma Eleven is a Shounen (young boys … Continue reading

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Perceived free time versus actual free time

I call many people in my dayjob. Many times, these people are professionals that have other things going on, and they graciously take some time out of their day to talk to me. I noticed that many times, someone will … Continue reading

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