So… any kids games?

Someone asked me what I’d like to do in life. There are a few things, but I’m the kind of person who’d be mostly content with doing nothing, playing some games, and other dull stuff. I have a mild affinity for writing, so I’ve tried picking that as a hobby-to-be-profession. Other than the massive time investment required (I’m still a person who doesn’t have much patience), that’s something I’ve reasonably liked.

My mother mentioned that when I was a child I said I’d like to review video games. Yes, I recall saying that. Boy, I would love to. Game reviewers have it made, right? Yahtzee is the man! Unless, of course, you listen to his reviews, most of which are spittingly funny in their sarcasm and dripping hatred of every bad game he has to review. But there’s a couple points to this. First off, reviewing games is not all unicorns and rainbows. It may also not pay the rent. The other thing, I mentioned to the person who asked, was that although it’d be good, the problem is the games are riddled with violence, rending the majority of them non-reviewable.

And she mentions “So what about reviewing games for kids?”

I was a little struck. Kids games? Kids games? Of course, kids games! Playing games + reviewing them + not having constant shooting/violence = kids games… right?

It was just a thought, but something interesting to think of. So for kicks I looked into kids games.

There are no kids games. Period. There are educational games, there are rather pointless games, and then there are teen and up games.

I don’t mean educational games. I don’t mean drawing games where you color pictures (pointless).

I mean a game with a reasonable level of thought required, yet still aimed at a younger audience. I don’t mean cartoony, I don’t mean nonsensical silliness… just games that an adult (or even self-conscious teen) wouldn’t beĀ embarrassedĀ to play, yet was aimed at kids.

Commander Keen, one of my old favorites, was more or less a kids game.

Nowadays, it looks like there is no category on Amazon for kids. I refuse to click on educational, because, again, that’s not what I mean by kids games.

I guess I’ll just have to search harder.

I just don’t want to delve into flash games. I want something standalone, that costs money, that isn’t educational, yet is for children, let’s say 6-12. The kind of stuff I played as a kid were kids games, aimed at a younger audience, yet non-embarrassing.

This does, in some way, only show it’s a good idea. A site that concentrates on finding and reviewing those kind of games would be pretty nifty, dont’cha think?

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