Tethering and a Floor

Selling my bed today, ain’t that great!

Nope, cause it means it’s gonna be really hard to get through the next 4 nights. The past night I slept on just a mattress, off the box spring, so floor/mattress, and it was extremely uncomfortable. I didn’t know the box spring would have that much of an impact, but it does, even if the mattress is good. I’ll just have to make due till I move out Friday and stay with some friends for a while. No getting on the road yet. Which doesn’t sound that bad anymore.

Turns out I get relatively decent internet through my phone’s connection, so a bit of tethering on a main computer is working out fine, though it’s not perfect or very reliable in this regard. It means I’ve also made sure to fully watch and read just about everything I have left. I’m planning on making tomorrow as much of a ready to go day as possible. Though I leave Friday, I want to be completely ready to go Tomorrow or Wednesday. Once the bed is gone, I’ll be quite a bit closer to that. I’ve more or less able to see what I have left and what I’ll be packing or throwing out. It looks like I’ve got a lot of books already in some boxes, and I’ll hold onto those. Some old stuff will be thrown out, and it looks like it shouldn’t be too much work to actually finish up. Unfortunately there are some items I don’t have the ability to either sell or get rid of, so as bad as it is, I’ll leave them for the apartment managers to dispose of. I’d have to pay to dump them or transport them anyways, so its fine to know they’ll take another part of the deposit like that.

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