Time for a journey

Well today is my last day in California. Tomorrow morning I head on on a drive across America, to a new place to live. A new coast. Someone such as I, who has been out of CA a total of 6 weeks in my life, and over a month of those weeks under the age of 10, finally leaving the state I grew up in. And good riddance. Drastic changes are fine by me. I think I’ve had enough of CA and what it’s had to offer over the years.

And who knows what’ll come of this. Maybe good, maybe bad, but still no worse, still the possibility of better. And with effort, you can only make things better.

I do hope to start writing seriously again, to get a new schedule down, a new way of working through life. And hopefully, a significantly enhanced amount of joy.

About James Ashman

I write books of the fantasy, heroic, and adventure types. So far. I'm an author who loves fantastic stories.
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  1. Be safe in your travels. We’re looking forward to your writings and enhanced joy!

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