Droid X is an interesting device

Not much in the way of writing updates, but I’ve been spending a good portion of time with a new Droid X by Motorola, and am now on Verizon. I’m probably going to be paying AT&T an early termination fee, but considering I only got a feature-phone and later bought an iPhone off Craigslist, the ETF shouldn’t be too terrible. Meanwhile, deciding if the VZW Droid X is worth the ETF and other changes. So far, a resounding yes. The service is more stable, the browsing speed (compared to a 3G, NOT 3GS or iPhone 4) is light-years faster, and the massive screen is nice.

I thought the iPhone was a bit too small. The Droid X is a bit too large to really hold with one hand comfortably, even though my hands are not small. But the size in terms of actually viewing is what makes it awesome for me. Landscape view resolves any holding issues as well. It’s just nice. Feels really, really solid. And the back doesn’t slip! I’ve dropped it much less than my iPhone. Anyways, that’s what’s going on, and other than the above perks, I’m waiting for 2.2 Froyo to arrive before really reviewing it. It does get some minor lag between screens when it’s been sitting for a while, but so does my iPhone. Other than that, it’s always really fast.

I’m also looking forward to seeing what I can write with it. I’ve got a couple simple notepads on it, so they work well, and it types well. Should be interesting.

264 words I could have used in a novel.

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