I’ve been thinking about abstract ideas and concepts. Abstract ideas are hard to grasp. But it’s amazing how even ideas we comprehend well are unrealistic until experienced. You know being in a car crash is terrible, but do you understand it until you’re actually in one? Or being thrown from a motorcycle? Sounds scary, but until you experience it, you’re just guessing.

Abstract ideas are a bit harder to pin down, as they aren’t substantiated by something you can experience.

But things that are hard to grasp provide some great ideas as well, and really get you thinking. I’m sure anyone who really thinks about it can come up with something. Want an example of an abstract, one that is common and doesn’t seem to have an answer?

Is there a beginning and/or an end? Infinite is an abstract idea, one you cannot truly ever grasp. But think of it in another way, one that is based on ideas and items you’re already familiar with: Do numbers end? +1, +1, +1, forever. And what about a beginning? It’s not 0. It’s -1, -1, -1, descending ever down.

Its an abstract concept, illustrated in a way our simple minds can grasp. Pretty cool, right?

203 words I could have used in a novel.

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  1. my senior year in high school I took calculus with a teacher who loved the subject. he took the time to show us why imaginary numbers (based on the square root of -1, which is impossible) were necessary to calculus.

    getting a glimpse of our brain’s ability to accept and work with something we know to be impossible was a life-changing experience; somewhat like leaning against a brick wall and having it swing open like a door to reveal a world I didn’t know existed.

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