An overabundance of evil characters

In writing the sequel to The Lupine Prince, I’ve been making my characters encounter quite a few bad people in succession, and it worried me for a while. I wondered why they weren’t meeting more good people. Granted, it makes for more conflict and drive in the story, but still, it seems like good people don’t abound.

I’ve taken a step back and realized a couple things. One, it’s just how the story was supposed to go. Second, they did encounter good people, but those people play no part in the story for the most part. Those that do are helping the MC fend off the bad people. Is it biased? A little. I wanted to show that there was good and bad in each country, and by the next story arc the MC would begin thinking of that in particular.

Third is real life. I read the news again, and was reminded for the billionth time that there are a lot of nasty people. There are also a lot of decent people that have let anger, hatred, and bitterness take them over, often without them realizing it. Even if they consider themselves just, it can happen.

Its realistic. My characters will just have to deal with it. And it does give good matrlerial to work with. It is a very fictional, fantastic, adventure, after all.

235 words I could have used in a novel.

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