We’re street performers

Walk down the streets of a big city or a place with tourism. I’m close to San Franciso where you can walk around and see people doing acts and playing songs. I know some may do it for fun, but they can also make a decent profit if in a good area. Did you know that in New York, there are spots in front of a certain famous museum that cost around 30k a month in “rent” to sell hot dogs? Plain old hot dog stands. Bringing in tens of thousands of dollars.

Musicians on the street, getting tips. People painted in the cliched robot silver, pretending to be robots. Aren’t there major hot dog brands? Major music labels and bands? People with real talents selling them in stores via a major distributer? Of course. But the street sellers and performers still are noticed and appreciated and get tips, when good.

They are in front of the crowd, front center. When they are, the crowd doesn’t care that they are pros or officially sanctioned by anyone. The crowd only cares about whether they like it or not.

Thus, I relegate self-publishing to the same stage. We’re all just street performers, doing what we want, trying to get a tip from the passing crowd. The difference? We’re just not front and center, right in front of the people who matter. That takes some effort.

But still, it’s the same business in many ways.

251 words I could have used in a novel.

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