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Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe is thoroughly enjoyable

A few years ago Joel D Canfield (just Google him) introduced me to the A&E production of Nero Wolfe, based off the books, officially title “A Nero Wolfe Mystery.” It starred Timothy Hutton as Archie Goodwin and Maury Chaykin as Nero … Continue reading

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ABC and D outnumbers E

Ars Technica has an origin of life post. But it’s strange. I read it so very many times. Regardless of faith, science experiments are fascinating in general. This one was not. All I can see is the following summary of … Continue reading

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People names

I’m always trying to think of unconventional names. I have a rather strong background in Japanese entertainment (that’s code for watching too many cartoons in the past), and so many of the names I use in my works are either … Continue reading

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One of my favorite authors wrote very, very long books. I’ve read the few that have been translated into English (by fans, only one book has ever officially been translated, the rest are all stuck in their original language, and … Continue reading

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The one food you can’t live without

I love pizza. It’s probably my favorite food. I also love those sweet cherries. They are amazing with ice cream. Chocolate. Oh la la. And lets not forget French Vanilla, with that hint of something “more” that plain vanilla doesn’t … Continue reading

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