One of my favorite authors wrote very, very long books. I’ve read the few that have been translated into English (by fans, only one book has ever officially been translated, the rest are all stuck in their original language, and they were all written decades ago – to appease those who may want to claim copyright issues, there are extenuating circumstances in this case). Each took a few weeks, even with constantly reading them throughout each day at every possible opportunity. I’ve often told people that they are all around 40 chapters with up to 40,000 words per chapter. Quite long, but still quite good.

And they’ve been in 40 separate word documents. Until now. Now, I know I could have done this earlier, but to put 40 word documents into a single document all at once seemed like a hassle. I’m sure there are some easier ways to do it, but I couldn’t be bothered to search more than a few sites before giving up. And now, when working on TLC, I realized how: Import into project.

Turns out all I had to do was create a new Scrivner project, import docs, Scrivner automatically converted them all into RTF, and then compiled them all into a new MS Word doc, which I then sent to a Kindle Converter… and voila! Simple, easy conversion, to be read at my leisure. Nevermind that a single book is longer than all 66 books of the Bible. It’s riveting! It’s formatted wrong in places! It’s got links to web pages that explain the terms used in places! But it’s fantastic nonetheless.

But considering how long it takes to read other things, and how many other things in life take up time, I do wonder when I’ll ever decide to read this work again. Probably before the next major book… as this particular work has had a large influence on what I’ve already written, and contributed to how I wrote all that I have.

Still, 775,000 words is a lot. But joyous nonetheless.

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I write books of the fantasy, heroic, slice-of-life, and/or adventure types. So far. By choice, I self-publish my works. I'm an author who loves fantastic stories. I have a penchant for foreign works, and don't hesitate to learn about something new. I've grown up in the technology generation, watching that world change faster each year. Author-specific email: togetherwithsilver@gmail.com
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