The one food you can’t live without

I love pizza. It’s probably my favorite food. I also love those sweet cherries. They are amazing with ice cream.

Chocolate. Oh la la.

And lets not forget French Vanilla, with that hint of something “more” that plain vanilla doesn’t have.

And then of course we have the other pleasantries. Potato chips (not corn chips, not tortilla chips, POTATO chips), salty goodness.

Speaking of salty goodness, the Japanese introduced me to short-grain rice in a bowl with plenty of soy sauce and sliced pickles on top. Salty, carby, yummy. This, from someone who never really cared for rice most of their life, mostly because it was the long-grain stuff that comes cheaply. Short-grain rice is sticky. Long-grain doesn’t stick as much. And then add in some rice vinegar and you really begin to appreciate how good rice can  actually be.

But there’s one food that I have to have once a month, without exception. Pizza is not it, even though I’d love to claim pizza as my favorite food, especially some of the really good stuff that you can only find from non-chain places. Though I definitely crave a pan-crust every so often (Pizza Hut, very, very hot, delicious), there’s one food that somehow, I know I’ve gone too long without one. My body craves one every so often, and nothing but one will appease it.

I’ve gone spells without it, weeks after the craving hits (with may hit 2-3 weeks after the last time I had one), and after another couple weeks, the feeling is unbearable.

Yes, the one food that somehow, I just can’t seem to live without, that seems to appear in my mind after too long without it, like an addition you don’t realize you have, is a greasy hamburger. Not just a hamburger – a greasy hamburger.

I love hamburgers. It’s not my favorite food, though it is one of my favorites. But it’s the one food that all of a sudden appears in my mind, not letting me go until I’ve had one. Yes, even a cheap McDonalds hamburger is acceptable, after all the qualifier isn’t a healthy hamburger, but a greasy one.

I love a lot of different foods. But for some reason, I need a hamburger every so often. That means if I had to choose between pizza and hamburgers, chocolate and hamburgers, alcohol and hamburger (that’s a choice I’d hate to make!), the hamburger is the one that’d somehow win out. Somehow, this greasy concoction of ground meat is that one food I can’t live without. Woe is me… not. Man, I love a good greasy cheesy ketchupy hamburger.

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