Working on items again

Three years since posts. Four and a half since I finished the main story of TLC (book2). Been a mix of things to do in the years since, but finally been looking at my old works.

Re-watching and re-reading works that were my original inspirations.

Found an art style that finally doesn’t require me to have artistic sense (I have no ability for drawn art), that allows me to still create original images of some characters, though it’s time consuming and still limited in function, at least it gives me a path.

And have actually done an outline of Book 3, finally, with key scenes. Which the next day I redid, deciding they were not entirely the direction I wanted to go, but kept them because they give me an idea of how to use them in the written work.

Spending a few hours each week revising TLC (Book 2). Adjusting some items that had literally hung me up for years in how they went. Literally years a couple scenes bothered me, but it wasn’t until recently I figured out where to rewrite them. Since then it’s been better.

With the outline for Book 3 started, I’ve been working on a timeline. I had previously had a simple one for the world history, and a minor tracking of my main characters, but recently have been adding events that happened to their parents, their parent’s parents, to other nations that influenced things for the last two-hundred years, etc.

Still in the throes of anxiety wondering what’d be the point, never sure if it’s something that’ll be something I could do in life. After all, picking up a project you started ten years ago when you were a different person, different mindset, is daunting.

But Somedaybox emails keep coming, monthly newsletters I proofread and can’t help but be affected by. Sister’s music appears, and can’t help but appreciate, be in awe of it.

Even if only a handful of people end up reading (and some of them have been waiting a decade), it turns out that I’ve been pleased just re-reading my own works after all, and think I can write them for myself. TLP (Book1) was around 88k words. TLC(Book2) is looking like it’ll be almost 120k. It still almost feels a little scarce, as it covers a lot of time and several events it has to jump between often. Just drafting Book3, I feel like it has the potential to be longer than both combined.

A large influence on me were some adventures that were over 500k words per book. I’m thinking I’ll stop worrying so much about length constraints.

Book2 will likely still be self-published, this year. I’m strongly considering serializing all books as blog posts though.

The editing/revising process has been part of that idea. Going through book one again, I yet again found a half-dozen items to correct. But there’s a number of issues that crop up when deciding to fix the print copy of Amazon and Kindle.

I’ve also considered looking at sites that let you support by donation. I’ll think more about that when I get to book3.

I’ve stopped making definite commitments to times though. Giving out dates and saying “I’m doing this now!” and then not getting it done just leads to more failure. So, working on stuff. Maybe they’ll get published, maybe not. But, I’ve been wanting to see how Va’il and Ruby’s adventure continues, if I can continue it, and what becomes of it. I’ve even had a strange thought about making some of the decisions I’ve thrown out as an alternate history version. Just ideas.

Will see anyways. No promises, but, well, working on it all again, bit by bit. Slowly.

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  1. I am one of those decade-waiters. I hope your life lets you do this.

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