Twelve Twelve Twelve

Twelve, yesterday, was the last day of this century that’d have a day/month/year lineup.

It was a great day for releasing books, just like 11/11/11 was last year when Joel D Canfield had a book party.

And yesterday “Yo Pal” Hal Elrod released a book I had the pleasure of working on, The Miracle Morning. Well, pleasure in terms of reading it once, and then it was time to play spot what could be changed. A lengthy task, but the end result was rewarding. I found it interesting how after I’d already read it over a few times, I noticed some articles online that made it to the front of hackernews about how doing things in the morning sets the day. Which is what Hal’s book is about – set the morning right and the day to follow will be better. Simple to say, not so simple to go about it – which is where his book comes into play.

But anyways, this isn’t time for my review of it. This post is about 12/12/12, and how it’s gone, the last triple date of the┬ácentury. We now have to wait for 01/01/2101… assuming the calendar is still Julian at that time (what… you never know!)

So adieu, last triple day of the century. You gave us another good book. You gave us another thing to talk about at work.

And then you passed, silently, as every other day has as well. Into the past you go, and forward we’ll look.

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