Snow shoveling is cold

I love the weather here. It’s cold, clouds come and go, the snow makes it seem bright which is good for mom, and there’s snow. In summer it was warm and humid, which was a pain, but bearable, even though I went without AC for most of it.

When the temperature reaches 50 F it’s feeling warm. We’d start fires and bundle up in CA if it got that cold. 30 F at night in CA was so chilling it hurt my throat. Here, it doesn’t.

But I tell you: I’d add snow shoveling with my list of things I don’t want to ever have to do but have to do. Currently that list is mowing the lawn, driving in snow, and shoveling snow. It’s cold and exhausting. But it really heats you up. Shoveling a solid gallon of water at a time (so around 6 – 10 lbs of snow) is tough work.

And 10 minutes later in a warm house (probably around 55 or 60, very toasty) your face is still feeling like it wants to contract from a liquid into a metal, don’t ask me how.

So it’s tough and cold.

But it isn’t so bad. Just new. Well, that and it makes the glasses so cold they condense all the water in the house onto them at once the second you step inside. Just sucks it all up.

But hey, if we don’t shovel the snow, we can’t go driving through it! Sure… like that’d be a bad thing.

I can see why bears hibernate. You really don’t want to leave the den when there’s a wall of snow outside.

But regardless, I’m loving this weather. And the people.

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