One easy method for a hero to win every time

Earplugs. Headphones. In any confrontation, don’t listen to what the other person says, period.

Actually I’d extend this to video games/pvp as well, though that’s not as applicable to a writer.

But sometimes it appears to me that really, the best thing someone could do in certain stories is just ignore, not even hear, what the antagonist is saying. Regardless of whether they tell lies or truths, there’s the underlying issue of that a antagonist speaks to throw a hero off.

Of course, this means you’ll never see it in writing. I’ll probably use it one of these days, though.

This technique is also an effective way of throwing the antagonist off. If their goal is to say something to the hero that troubles their heart, but the hero just puts their fingers in their ears and goes “la la la la la la,” that’s upsetting to the person speaking. Regardless of their own intentions with the words, being completely ignored is extremely powerful.

On that note, it may be a pretty neat weapon to give an antagonist as well. An antagonist who completely blocks out anyone’s speech toward him and just talks, unable to be interrupted.

Ignorance is bliss? Ignoring is strong. Sometimes the best way to counter a lie isn’t to find the truth, but to ignore the lie in the first place. It’s a much shorter path, after all.

This of course will never be a tool of the hot-blooded hero or antagonist, since they are emotional and take everything head-on. But sometimes I just wish a character would put in earplugs and go about winning the game they are in instead of being affected by bad guy #33423’s speech about how the hero is just doing the same thing they are but in another way.

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