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Most Recent Spider-Man

So, The Amazing Spider-Man has been released and rebooted in 2012, yay! I was so very much looking forward to this movie. And it was enjoyable. Somewhat. As a hero movie, sure. As Spider-Man, I don’t know. I really wanted … Continue reading

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One easy method for a hero to win every time

Earplugs. Headphones. In any confrontation, don’t listen to what the other person says, period. Actually I’d extend this to video games/pvp as well, though that’s not as applicable to a writer. But sometimes it appears to me that really, the … Continue reading

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Kazan by Gaku Miyao

I read a lot of manga. I don’t really review any of it. But I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t say a couple words about the 7 volume series by the name of Kazan. Kazan is our hero in … Continue reading

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Heroes and Superheroes

Heroes don’t win. They try. Superheroes win because they try. A superhero wins when they try. A superhero has some faults. But they hold back. When they have a mental problem, they fail. They are unlimited, able to get where … Continue reading

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