Heroes and Superheroes

Heroes don’t win. They try.

Superheroes win because they try.

A superhero wins when they try. A superhero has some faults. But they hold back. When they have a mental problem, they fail. They are unlimited, able to get where they need to go, and powerful enough to change a situation. It’s because a superhero doesn’t win you have a story, because a superhero wins. It’s expected.

I don’t write superheroes. I love the concept of a hero. A hero has a ton of faults. But a hero tries. And sometimes they fail. They fail because they are limited, imperfect, in the wrong place, or simply powerless to stop something from happening. But when a hero does win, you cheer. It’s emotional.

The reason is this: Humans can only be heroes. A super-human can become a superhero, but then you aren’t on our Earth, our Non-Fiction. A hero can exist in non-fiction. A hero is who they are, not what they are. It’s when you bring a hero to fiction that you create a moving, emotional, epic story. Because heroes don’t win. They try. And they fail. But they try.

And sometimes, they succeed. And it’s those moments we can truly cherish.

About James Ashman

I write books of the fantasy, heroic, and adventure types. So far. I'm an author who loves fantastic stories.
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