A few states down

Well I took off yesterday, about 11 MST, and arrived at Salt Lake City around 9 MST, and decided that for the first day, at the very least, I’d try sleeping in a cheap hotel room. It was still tough to find something below 70$ to sleep at, ridiculous as it is, but it was decent for getting some access to the internet and sleeping in a bed. Though it appears I’m not one to adjust to random beds easily, so the sleep wasn’t the greatest, though still better than a couch pull-out bed.

Yesterday I got through the end of California and all of Nevada. Leaving CA looks pretty nice, green forests, high roads that are at a constant incline, etc.

Nevada, on the other hand, is just terrible. It was long, boring, and brown, incredibly brown. The entire place is a desert, especially the area around the I80 apparently. My goal for yesterday was to get through all of Nevada, so that’s down. It was to also get through Utah, and now that I look at a map, getting to SLC is actually pretty decent. There’s much less of Utah to get through, it’s a good thing I pushed through last night. Truthfully, going through Nevada and Utah at night would be pretty awful, the freeway is long and has no lights on it. Also it can seem at times there is no one around, though every so often you get to pass by some truckers.

Up next is Wyoming and Nebraska. To get from here to Omaha, NE, is 933 miles, or 14 hours of driving. Though I’ve got a bit of cheap food, it looks like staying at the Days Inn means a free breakfast. This place isn’t bad, though a bit outta the way. Though I wont get a start on driving till after 9:30 or so, I should still be able to make decent progress on getting to Omaha. Depending on the conditions I may drive later into the night than yesterday, now that I’m used to it.

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  1. There are some stretches of freeway that are maddening. One of the worst, though, is I5 south through most of California.

    Once you get past Nebraska things liven up a little. It’s still driving alone across the country, but there’s often something to look at.

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