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So food costs much. Especially when you don’t want to prepare food, and it’s gotta be tasty. Except the easiest option is neither good for you, nor cheap. I’ve been evaluating what I’ve been eating the last couple months, living along for the first time in my life. I gotta say, I mostly eat well, but definitely stray off a good path quite a bit. And am spending too much in the process.

But then I saw an interesting article, a guy was doing a hypothetical on the cheapest you could live with foods that’ll keep you healthy. Instead of going the absolute cheapest, he went a bit higher. It ends up around $3 a day. What was interesting was his description of finding a calorie filler, and the food he settled on: Sunflower seeds.

That stayed in the back of my mind, pushed away, until yesterday. Browsing the 7-11 at lunch, a bag of sunflower seeds (3.5 oz, about 500 kcals), only cost 1.49. Now if that’s how cheap it was in a convenience market… yep, turns out Winco has them for the exact same price… a pound.

I did some other research, and I think I’m going to try this. Noticably, there’s no meat. There’s also NO PREPARATION involved! That’s the biggie. No mess either. So this is my shopping list. It’s gonna be an interesting couple weeks.



Pumpkin Seeds
Sunflower Seeds
Other nuts
dark chocolate

And as needed: Orange Juice, Red Wine, a little bit of protein powder, and a few eggs.

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