Tip for employers

that are looking to hire quality employees that are already currently employed but seeking another job to advance their career:

ADVERTISE THE PAY. No matter how good the description is, no matter the benefits, the requirements, etc., if your looking to hire someone, list the payrate. Yes, it does cause an increase in “trash” applicants who only apply because they see the payrate. But a person who is currently employed, is highly skilled, and is looking for a career change or advancement, isn’t going to bother applying if you don’t list the pay, and of course, if it’s lower than their current employment that doesn’t offer advancement, but has a higher payrate.

Yes, it’s unfair all around. But please, list it. The “quality” applicant DOES work for job enjoyment. But if they are going to make $4 less per hour for it compared to a job they don’t enjoy as much but still don’t mind working for indefinitely, then the cash wins out when they are in debt. For the love of all that is righteous, always list the pay.

I simply don’t apply to anything that doesn’t list the pay. I like my current job too much, even without its advancement opportunities. Sure, there are ups and downs. But It’s made me a great employee. Don’t you dare miss out on someone of my quality simply because you think the job description will attract the “right people”. I really wish that was true. And in a perfect world, it’d be fine. But in today’s incredibly flawed and frankly, stupid, world, risk is high, chances are rare, and we’d like to work for the place that is both tolerable and pays well. Sometimes I wish my current job would promote me, if there actually was a place to promoted to. Failing that, sometimes I wish my job had advancement. Failing that, I wish it’d be more enjoyable. But though that happens from time to time. I just wish that employers seeking really good people would realize they need to do more than think we’d jump for a dream job just because it sounds good. I have bills I NEED to pay. I’d love to work for you. But I can’t if you tell me I’ll make less money. My current job knows my value. And that’s why I’ll stick with them. I’ll learn to enjoy them. And by the time you learn that you need someone of my caliber, my company will have provided a new perk I didn’t see coming that makes working for them far better than I previously thought. Don’t get me wrong: I need something that either offers a career or provides experience that’ll lend itself to a variety of job positions, something which my current employer sadly lacks. But the current guy knows I’m good, pays me well, and sure they annoy me from time to time, but I’ll stick with them through thick and thin….

as long as new employers refuse to list their rates. Sorry, job enjoyment is definitely first. But compensation is such a close second that it can easily overcome any possible description. List it, please. No point in me applying if you’re going to pay less. Job satisfaction still takes a backseat to keeping the bills paid.

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