Don’t blame shipping times on the guy in China

Words to live by: Haters are gonna hate.

I’ve only seen a few hateful reviews in my life that were deserved. The ones that were deserved ended with a statement saying the book/movie/etc. was so bad, you have to see it for entertainment value. But otherwise, the vast majority of bad reviews are worse dribble than whatever they are reviewing. They aren’t worth listening to or reading.

For example, I bought something on ebay that was to be shipped from China, with only $4 in shipping costs. That means it would take 2-3 weeks to get here. The seller sent an email asking to not give him 1 star for shipping times, as it’s being transported halfway across the world. Obviously, he’s had a problem with people doing that to him, and for obvious reasons, he was already shipping as fast as possible.

On my shiny phone, there are some fun and useful applications. There are a ton with 4.5 star overall averages in their reviews. All the people who use them give it 5 stars. And the only people who give it 1 star say one of two things: didn’t work on my phone, or, doesn’t do what I wanted it to do. They say this even knowing that their version isn’t supported, and details in the description for exactly what the app does. They ignore it, find out they don’t need it, and give a bad review since they didn’t really use it.

And I used to think they were rare… but enough perusing of Goodreads and Amazon has proven that idea false: people who review books they didn’t finish. Especially when they think they have the ending figured out based on the title and first chapter alone. And of course, there are the people who hate the book from the very first line, but read it all the way through to say they did, and then give a scathing review complaining about how much time they wasted, when they were under no obligation to finish the book.

To end, bad reviews that are worth the lines they take up are rare. Of course, many people’s first reaction is to read the worst review of an item to see what exactly could be wrong or end up disappointing a possible user/reader. When well-written, they provide a valuable resource to make an objective judgement. And it seems like the well-written bad review has been overwhelmed by the sludge pile of uneducated comments. So just don’t care about them.

420 words I could have used in a novel.

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