Punches and the strength of tank shells

I don’t often ask for realism in stuff I watch, because usually the anime or TV show just tries explaining it away with nonsensical sci-fi or magic. Which is okay, because then we have an explanation that isn’t real, but acceptable. But then there is crazy stuff like: an alien has armor that’s immune to bullets. Okay. It’s also not penetrated by tank shells or damaged by them. Also okay. I don’t need any explanation for why the armor is so strong. But then a robot a bit larger than a human is able to punch through their armor in a single blow. That’s where I call foul!

When mixing realism with fantasy, remember that there still has to be some laws in place, or specific items that break those laws. Saying a robot’s punch is stronger than a tank blast from a robot that isn’t large enough to produce that kind of force without any explanation is a hard swallow. Get the difference?

171 words I could have used in a novel.

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