Spam good?

I have to wonder: does getting spam comments mean anything good? Obviously, the comments themselves are annoying to deal with. See them, read for a second and then get infuriated that they are there, and then delete them.

But wait… good? All I can say is, at least my newly made site is getting just enough exposure (mostly by my own personal links on twitter, apparently), to generate spambots hitting the site. I’ve just started this serious site/blog/etc., and so far it’s feeling fresh and fun. FYI, I did run a personal blog for years on blogspot, with sporadic posting, but that was before I really discovered what I wanted. Now I know. And apparently so do the spambots.

I’m also thinking that after a few months I’ll have to check the stats and report the benefits of an author blog. I’ve had my worries beforehand, but seeing all the wonderful people arrive daily gives credence to the ideas at Copyblogger. Yes, they are right. But as people, we never truly believe something until we see it for ourselves. Seeing it for yourself is invigorating! Thanks!

193 words I could have used in a novel.

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  1. James Ashman says:

    And of course, there is a flood of it. Man, these things are annoying.

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