Tomorrow’s post starts the next arc with the start of the new year

How fitting, that tomorrow’s post lines up with the start of a new year. Last week the teens Va’il and Ruby were having a good time at the manor with friends and a friendly city lord.

But as stated before that started, they are not going to see Derlik’s family again. It won’t be revealed why in tomorrow’s post, but everything is now in motion. And so, though it is more a set of events within the larger arcs, the next arc will be called the escape arc. And  one character comes to a realization that the escape arc should’ve happened sooner.

For though the exact days aren’t spelled out, a lot of time has passed. The year on Fervi is similar to Earthtime, 7 days a week, 30 days a month, 12 months a year, 360 days, which aren’t exactly 24 earth hours, but close. There are also 4 seasons, and being north of the planets equator, follow similar patterns of Winter Spring Summer Fall like the northern Earth hemisphere follows.

And Summer is when their schooling at Makeen was to start, when Derlik took them away a day or two before school began. It was still Summer when Va’il and Ruby met Derlik’s family. It’s now Spring or the very end of Winter. Fall and Winter have barely been mentioned as part of the story for good reason: Not much happened during the cold months other than the teens going about their work. And, the cold that comes with Winter didn’t seem ideal for travelling across the continent.

So much time has passed that they’ve almost grown complacent. Off-guard even. They haven’t made much progress. Not many have. Because many months have passed with no action.

Tomorrow, that changes. And the stagnation lifts. The escape arc begins.

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