Book one has ended, on to book two

Tomorrow is the first post of The Lupine Chevalier. And last week The Lupine Prince ended. So before it begins, thoughts and things about book one.

First is that it technically ends before the final scene. The final scene is the lead-up to the next book. Or even the first scene of book two.

Second is that it was rather obvious the whole way through who Va’il was. That wasn’t ever a mystery, of course, but who he was had some huge influences on how things panned out overall. Meaning, King Fidel figured out who he was upon their first meeting. That is also somewhat obvious, but I’d like to point out something even more important: who is Mai’ou? Alas, that won’t be covered until book three.

Third is now going over the main cast: Va’il, the silver-haired half-lupus. His mother, Mai’ou. His three friends: Kelin the lupus, Pete the swine, and Zeick the half-felis. Harnes, his avian classmate who has black feathers and finds herself drawn to him.

Jane Melonscone, the high-noble whose actions towards her daughter began everything, and whose other actions set even more things up. Ruby, the daughter who set events in motion with the maroon. Shiroi, an avian girl with white feathers who attends to Ruby and is her friend.

King Fidel, a strange king who doesn’t bemoan his inevitable death. Yet for how enigmatic he appears, his actions, abilities, and fatherhood show he has many secrets. Darius and Var, a commander and his subordinate who interact with the main characters.

There are also several others who have major and minor parts, but for now these are the core cast for book one and part of book two.

Finally, book two will be a new kind of adventure.

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