The Lupine Saga 29

“He’s moving!”

Exiting the estate was Eason Ar Raign. He wore a fancy top hat that had been pulled down tightly on his head. The edges of the hat just barely brushed the tops of his long ears. Today he was also wearing spectacles and a long jacket. In his left hand was a cane, and in his right was a small bag with a handle.

It was early morning. Three boys silently followed Eason every which way he went. His first stop was to get breakfast, which perplexed the boys.

“Isn’t he a noble, shouldn’t he have cooks at home?” Pete asked.

“Pork and eggs? Didn’t he buy so much from your mom the other day? Why isn’t he eating that?” Kelin asked.

The boys argued with a foe that couldn’t hear them as they mumbled their complaints. As they did, Eason finished his meal, and got up to leave.

Eason walked by three short people sitting on a bench. He didn’t pay much attention to them, as it was a common sight to see people reading newspapers. But he still couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something odd about it.

Dropping the newspapers, the boys heaved a sigh of relief.

“That scared me to death.” Pete was pinker than usual.

“We should have noticed that he was walking our way sooner.” Va’il had sweat on his forehead, even though it was chilly.

“That’s what the newspaper is for. Look, it worked at least. He didn’t suspect a thing. We will have to thank Pete’s dad for being such an avid reader,” Kelin said.

They folded the papers up and put them in bags that each of them carried. The boys continued stalking Eason.

After greeting just about every noble who passed his way, Eason headed towards his actual objective. The boys’ patience was wearing thin from the constant stopping that Eason had done, though it was not even an hour since they started following him. He had finally stopped strolling casually, and had started to walk briskly in a single direction. He walked along main streets only, until he arrived at a building in the second district.

The building was a daycare for children, as illustrated by the many kids running around and playing in the sizable yard. None of them paid any attention to Eason entering the building. They did notice when three boys also entered the yard and stood by one of the windows, however not one of them cared to investigate why the boys were there.

“There’s desks inside. Is this also a school?” Pete asked with a whisper.

“Yeah. Mum put me in one for a while, when I was young,” Va’il replied. Pete nodded in acknowledgment. Pete’s mother didn’t have to work, unlike Mai’ou. Neither Pete nor Kelin had needed to be taken care of by strangers during the day.

“What’s Eason doing?” Kelin’s question focused the attention of his accomplices.

Eason entered the building and was greeted by a small avian girl with black feathers. She smiled at him, and then ran out to play with the other children. Eason walked around the classroom slowly, tapping his cane with every step.

There were several small desks and chairs, and at the head of the classroom was a large desk; a teacher’s desk. There were a couple doors leading to other places in the building. A lupus woman entered the room from one of the side doors.

Eason greeted her with a warm hug. The two of them embraced tightly for a moment. The lupus woman had very light hair, and was a little younger than Eason. She looked very dignified and mature, and she also emanated a sense of warmth. Kelin and Va’il felt this, though Pete, a swine, could not. To Pete, the woman seemed like any other motherly figure, though he very much doubted she could cook as well as his own mother.

The boys couldn’t hear what the woman was talking about with Eason. All the windows were closed, and the glass didn’t let any sound through. Eason was sitting casually in a chair at the side of the desk that the woman was sitting at. She handed him a few papers, which he looked over and then returned. The conversation continued for a while without many actions taken by either person. The conversation ended when the two of them stood.

“Hey, they are embracing again,” Pete said.

The couple hugged again, and immediately followed with a kiss. Though the couple could not hear it, outside one of the windows three boys had just fallen backwards.

“A kiss,” Va’il said, dazed.

“Quick, Va’il, get out the cup!” Kelin was shaking Va’il’s shoulder. Va’il reached into a bag he was carrying, and brought out a glass cup. Kelin snatched it from him and placed it against the window. Kelin then pressed his ear to the back of the cup.

“Is that really going to work?” Pete asked doubtfully.

“Just be quiet, I think I can make something out,” Kelin said. Eason and the woman had stopped embracing, and Eason was holding the woman’s hands. He was talking to her.

“I think I hear it,” Kelin said. “Ok, he is saying, ‘… love you… only woman… married… get rid of… husband.'” Kelin said the last word quietly. A silence surrounded the trio, even though they were surrounded by loud children.

In a separate world, Eason bid farewell to the woman, and left the daycare. He headed south. Following behind him were a trio of very furious children.

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