The Detective Grew Frustrated, and Tomorrow The Lupine Saga Continues

Last week’s segment ended with Kelin and Pete trying to gather the final clues in the ongoing thievery plot, only to suddenly end in a bout of frustration for our main character’s friends. Where do they go from here? Especially after spending so much time (or in the case of the posting, weeks!) playing detective?

Well, not everything goes as planned in life, or in Kel’s case, in detective fiction. And tomorrow we’ll see that the issues prodded at by the duo have in fact stoked issues outside of their control. But… tomorrow things will change. In quite an unexpected way. In fact, something I’ve mentioned in the past, that this book was first formed from the image of a certain scene, is tomorrow.

The origin of The Lupine Saga is a brief but all-important scene tomorrow. From it everything else grew. And as for *some* of the questions that get raised tomorrow, the continuation of the story requires some surprises that the characters cannot possibly account for. Look forward to the coming weeks, as the core of the story gathers more pieces and grows.

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