The Tershi Arc Begins

Tomorrow TLS 10 will go live. This next segment of the book will be referenced as the Tershi arc, because who doesn’t love segmenting stories into specific arcs? I do. Arcs are wonderful.

And, of course, it’s finally where the meat of the plot starts. Everything prior to this was generally setup. I didn’t follow hard rules when originally writing the book, but I’ve since learned that scenes should generally be character development, setting, or plot. We’ve introduced characters such as our MC Va’il and his friends, established minor parts of the setting they are in, and established some elements of plot regarding the health of the King.

And also, up to this point certain plot items are “obvious,” given the title of the story and our characters. But for now place that aside, as that plot is the overreaching “Lupine Prince” arc that covers the whole book, and now it’s time for an internal arc in that, Tershi.

Why take a moment to reference this arc before it starts? Because it’s just that important to me. It is vital to everything. Everything. In fact, it was part of this arc that formed the foundation for the story. Before everything else in the story was even thought of, a major event in the upcoming arc was the first and cornerstone scene of The Lupine Prince.

It’s quite important to me, and that’s worth repeating.

That said, tomorrow’s post will be longer than usual and slightly more technical, as a sport that is played is introduced. It isn’t critical to the plot so it’s fine to not remember all the details for the reader. At the time I wanted to think of how I could make a sport that kids could play with a ball in this different world. All that said, it’s just this one section, so this section is going to be about two thousand words, and after this the plot will get further into the substance of the Tershi arc.

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