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Now that what was known as Chapter 1 from my original publication of “The Lupine Prince” has been posted over the past five weeks, I’m doing a brief overview of the characters introduced so far with basic notes on them. Tomorrow resumes with chapter two, and with it, more characters and more happenings. If you haven’t read it yet, it starts here: Together with Silver, The Lupine Prince.

I’m writing this at a time when I know far more about the characters than is revealed here, but please use this as a basic guide for your imagination. These are animated characters. Some, like bearans, rhinos, and swine, look like the kind of animal characters in the older Disney films for The Jungle Book and Robin Hood [1973] (In other words, movies I saw many times as a young kid born in the 80s have a significant influence.) Others like the felis, avians, and lupus are like Japanese anime; humans with ears/tails/teeth differences, and other small differences. I feel I have to make this correction, as someone long ago thought lupus were werewolves. They are not, and the story as a whole is not related to the particular genre and settings those are in. More details about the characters will be revealed in time, but since there’s quite a few already introduced, it’s better to keep them simple. At least until someone decides to draw them in a way I like. That said, some of the characters I do mentally think of in certain ways, so I’ll include that where possible. And some of their personal looks and descriptions are actually plot-relevant, so having a basic outline for some of them from the beginning assists later.

Va’il – Main Protagonist, Half, Lupus (Mother Mai’ou) and Human (Father unrevealed). Silver Eyes and Hair/Fur. Male. Seven years old, about one year younger than his friends and classmates.
Mai’ou – Va’il’s mother. Lupus. Brown hair. Female. A young mother.
Kelin – Va’il’s lupus friend. Red hair. Male.
Pete – Va’il’s swine friend. Pink and Rotund. Male.
Zeick – Va’il’s previous friend who has pulled away and joined Riley’s group.

Jane Lucrene Melonscone – Important to the story. High-noble (a special noble of the highest class in this nation, specific details about it are not to be presented at this time). Human, blonde. A mother. Female. (My mental image of her has always been one specific person, aside from the eye color. This is not exactly how she looks, just the idea. From the Japanese Novel and Anime, Toradora, Yasuko Takasu. Google search for her image: Yasuko. For someone so strict, she has a look that is completely unlike her persona.)
Jane’s Unrevealed Daughter.
Shiroi – Servant in the Melonscone household. Avian, white feathers on her head and arms. Female. (Avians can be thought of as very light [in weight] people with feathers instead of hair, and talons in place of fingernails. Feathers for most of them cover at least their heads and arms, but I haven’t specified further. They do not a beaked appearance, just sharp/angular features in some avian races. Generally thin, and have a huge variety in appearance compared to other species. Shiroi specifically looks similar to actress Freya Allan [if she were animated] in feature/facial structure with the avian and age/etc. changes.)

Sensei – Teacher of Va’il’s class at the school. Sensei is his name, it doesn’t mean teacher in this case, even though he is. Typical middle aged white teacher with brown hair, but balding. Male.
Harnes – An avian student in the same class. Black feathers on white skin. Female. Anime character that she somewhat resembles is (Google image search link): Kiyoko Shimizu from the anime Haikyu!! – Harnes had an appearance like this in theory ever since her initial creation, but it wasn’t until seeing this character design that I could pinpoint something similar. In Haikyu!! the sports team is themed around Crows (So a natural tie-in as well. Harnes has black feathers and we’ll reveal her actual race at some point.), and the manager Kiyoko has that coolish demeanor, glasses, and sharp face that goes with the stereotypical “class representative” look that’s common in anime. It’s because of how sharp the animation/design of her is that she can be so reminiscent of the avian motif. So, Harnes is similar, but not exactly, in appearance to a Kiyoko with black feathers instead of hair, no glasses, and younger.

Riley – Human bully at school, noble. Brown hair and Tan skin. Male.
Clarence – Swine member of Riley’s group. Male.
Lauren – Bovine member of Riley’s group. Unspecified appearance, other than has horns. Female.
Jack – Hare member of Riley’s group. Grey fur. Male. (Hares are likely similar in appearance to the rabbits in Disney’s 1973 Robin Hood. Perhaps more Japanese-anime in style, but it’s fine to think of them in that cartoon style.)
Unnamed Avian – Member of Riley’s group. Brown feathers. Male.

Yan – Lionel upperclassman at Makeen who wants to be the priest of Rising, and the school idol. Dark skin and a standard male lion’s mane around his neck. Male.

Duke Tourney – A noble who is Jane Melonscone’s friend. Kind-of. Only slightly older than Jane, a kind of strange presence, but not actually offensive. Male. [Is this noble a Duke or is that his first name? Perhaps both? The world may never know the answer to this mystery.]

King Fidel – King of Rising. Human. White hair, blue eyes. The Kings of Rising all have white, not grey, hair. Think of hair dyed White, it doesn’t look grey. Regardless, it throws off the interpretation of his age. Would look to be in his thirties if his hair was black. He’s younger than Jane. Male.
Aoi – A young woman from the Water Kingdom, Ens. Human (Ens race). Blue hair. Female.
Rillin – Advisor (of three) to Fidel. Human. Old with grey hair. Male.
Diren – Advisor (of three) to Fidel. Hare. Grey fur, also older. Male.

Some of these characters are minor, some are major, and others will be adjusted.

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